Our Mission Statement:

We are a small but powerful financial firm that has been in business for over ten years helping clients break the chains of financial hardship. Some people believe that bigger is better. Our main focus is not how big we can grow but how big we can help our customers grow. We understand that every customer's financial situation is unique and should be treated with mindfulness. There's a saying that bad things happen to good people, yes this is true but in the financial world, bad things happen to good people because these big companies take advantage of hard-working good people. Our mission is to liberate every hard-working American from the evils of being just a number. Do you know financial hardships are one of the leading causes of divorce, depression, and suicide? We will not allow your humanity to be taken away by the devil.

Here at I am Financial we solemnly swear to use all the powers invested in us to pull our customers out of financial hell so help us, god.